Squeak, squeak, squeak.   

"Are those his shoes?"  

"You never will lose him with those shoes!"

"Those are too cute, I need to get my niece and nephew a pair of those!"

Welcome to What Squeaky Shoes!  Fun for children and adults alike, squeaky shoes are sure to amuse everyone who hears them.

    Shoes from What Squeaky Shoes! are great to wear anytime, as you are able to temporarily or permanently silence them for quiet times. The shoes squeak when the child walks properly, encouraging new walkers and those for who walking properly is a challenge.

     What Squeaky Shoes! specializes in nice quality, yet affordable, squeaky shoes. We won't sell any brand that we haven't tested and worn ourselves.  With a variety of styles, sizes and prices we truly have something for everyone. Some of our brands include MooShu Trainers, Sneak A Roos, Wee Squeak, Squeak Me Shoes, Oh Squeak It and Yochi Yochi. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all USA orders.

    Most of our shoe styles are available from US Toddler 3 to US Toddler 8 or 9. However we do have some styles that start at size 2. We also have some that go up to size 12. So take your time, browse our selection, and have fun shopping. Your little one sure will when they wear their new shoes!